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    About Us 

    Sri Prakruthi was established on March 15, 2015. Academy for special need children to provides education along with comprehensive set of therapies to individuals.  We are committed to respect and recognize each child as an individual, to help enhance his/ her sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Our entire Team aims to bridge the gap between our children, their families and society and to ensure our children become self-reliant and productive members of society. 

    They learn to communicate and socialize; they learn to enjoy new activities and skills and they begin to achieve success.

    We can also increase the level of support that the student receives during a lesson, such as peer or paraprofessional support during math instruction. 

    We have true motivation to give a better life to every child. 
     Why US

    We work intensively one-on-one with young children on the spectrum. We believe in active parent-involvement and parents are trained alongside to carry out the intervention at home. Our experience of working with our students has given us insight into the difficulties that their diagnosed conditions present to them every day.

    We believe that our method of helping these young people to meet and overcome their challenges and to modify their behaviors allows them to learn

     In the center we give importance to evaluation and intervention for young children Specially abled and also provide pre educational skills.
    We are exposing young adult for different vocational sector through vocational training programs.
    To bring a positive change in the life of individuals by being a channel for vocation and inclusion.
    Our Mission is to help children to achieve a happy and successful life by tapping their true potentials.
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